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Industrial Boiler Retubing and Repair
A patch removed ready for replacement of an access door 100% ultrasonic examination and MPI is carried out following welding in of repair section
Defects within the welds are found by means of ultrasonic testing every 5 years. If defects are found to extent to the water side, or when cracking is found at the toe of the sealing weld, we recommend the removal of the existing furnace tube end or access door, along with all the existing weld and new section fitted to ensure conformance with BS 2790
View of inside of Steam Boiler folling the tube removal, showing scale buildup on water side which can lead to over heating of the tube-plate. Boiler ready for new tubes following MPI testing. A full MPI check is performed on the tubeplate prior to fitting new certified tubes to check for cracking
Tube end failure is reduced considerably by removing the projections and matching a 'J' type weld preparation around the tube ends to a depth of the tube wall thickness plus 3mm as detailed in BS 2790 The tubes are then welded flush in a minimum of 2 runs using the overlay method, thus reducing the rist of porosity. On completion of welding, the tubes are lightly re-expanded; all excess weld metal is removed, a small radius is machined on the tube bore and an MPI check carried out.
Removal of section of front tubeplate following cracking detected during 5 year NDT inspection Replacement section of front tubeplate ready for welding
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